Available in Southern California, Virginia, D.C. & Maryland

Employers + Production Companies

Keep your employees and crew safe and feeling their best with easy testing collection and secure results delivered to our proprietary employee portal.


Employers and Production Companies

QuickMed Diagnostic serves a broad spectrum of high profile film & television production companies and offers an uncomplicated solution to keep employees + crews safe.

With the ability to develop customized, on-site collection to meet your needs, we provide fast, accurate testing to  alleviate stress  and reduce the chances of Covid spread.

When staying on schedule impacts the bottom line, Quickmed provides meticulous care when it comes to timing, storage, transport, handling, and confidentiality of specimens.

What to expect

State-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant laboratories
24/7 customer support
Secure patient portal
Patient verification & barcode system

RT-PCR Testing
Rapid Antigen Testing

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